5 foreign trade programs

These five programs enhance the competitiveness of companies, allowing them to enter the global market and simplify administrative procedures.

The export promotion programs are:

  1. Manufacturing, Maquiladora, and Export Services Industry (IMMEX)

The IMMEX program allows manufacturers of export goods, as well as export service providers, to temporarily import a wide range of goods for the production of export products (raw materials, inputs, components, packaging, and machinery) without paying normal import duties, VAT, or compensatory fees.

  1. Highly Exporting Companies (ALTEX) – REPEALED (IMMEX Decree, 2010)

This program allowed for the refund of VAT to individuals or legal entities in favor of exporting goods within 20 business days. One of its advantages was the free access to the Commercial Information System provided by the Ministry of Economy, which had the right to designate customs agents for customs procedures, products, second review requirement extensions, among other elements.

  1. Foreign Trade Companies (ECEX) – REPEALED (IMMEX Decree, 2010)

Commercial companies could enter the international market with administrative convenience and financial support. This allowed them to create the internal supply of goods advertised abroad according to international demand.

  1. Drawback (Refund of Import Taxes to Exporters)

This program allows the consignee to recover the general import tax paid for importing:

  • Inputs (raw materials, components, packaging, and other materials) included in the exported product.
  • Goods that will return in the same condition.
  • Goods for repair or alteration.

The rate of the refunded tax depends on the quantity of imported raw materials used in the exported product (determined by the Ministry of Economy). Drawback beneficiaries are legal entities incorporated into the Import Tax Refund Program for Exporters, a process that must be carried out with the Ministry of Economy.

  1. Sectoral Promotion Program (PROSEC)

This program establishes preferential tariffs for producing companies to obtain the necessary raw materials and equipment for production at competitive prices. The PROSEC scheme allows companies to import a wide range of goods used in the production of specific products, regardless of the destination of the goods, with preference in the General Import Tax.

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