Advantages and Challenges of Ground Transportation

Land cargo transportation is one of the most common and effective ways to transport goods, but a simple road incident could affect the entire supply chain.

Thanks to containers, it is possible to move almost any type of merchandise, in addition to providing punctual delivery times and thus strengthening commercial relationships with customers. However, land freight involves a significant investment in logistics, as it is one of the most vulnerable modes of transportation and requires resources and permits to operate.

It is important to mention that land cargo on federal highways has the function of creating connections between each state to meet their respective economic, political, social, and even cultural needs.

Busiest Roads in Mexico

The Federal Highway 45, known as the Pan-American Highway, is the largest highway in the country and has one of the most important tasks: connecting half of the Mexican territory.

The Mexico – Nogales highway connects the states of Sonora, Sinaloa, Nayarit, Jalisco, Michoacán, State of Mexico, and Mexico City with a length of 2,378 km.

Advantages of Land Freight Transportation

Economic: Shipping goods by truck is more affordable than other means, such as air or sea transport.

Wide coverage: Land transportation allows reaching even the most remote areas of the country, regardless of whether it is by road, rail, or terrain. If the car or motorcycle does not reach the destination, we can always cover the last meters to deliver the package.

Easier distribution: When the merchandise arrives at the port by boat or at the airport by plane, it must be delivered to the destination or logistics warehouse by land transportation.

Challenges of Land Freight Transportation

Insecurity: Assaults on operators, theft of transported goods, theft of transport units, etc.

Lack of operators: Retaining operators is not easy, as some decide to go to other countries where working conditions and security may provide them with a better lifestyle.

Maintenance: The cost of maintenance services must be taken into account, as well as the cost of necessary materials, such as tire replacement or other parts, as well as the different fuel prices at each gas station.

Remote monitoring, without signal: In addition to addressing security and logistical issues, the difficulty of controlling each unit in case of being in signal-free areas must also be considered.

Poor road conditions: Potholes, landslides, and other obstacles can cause road accidents, which can not only damage transportation but also put lives at risk.

This is an effective method but must be used with excellent time logistics and protection for the merchandise.

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