Advantages of the Dry Van shipping container

The Dry Van container, which is a 20-foot Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit (TEU), is used in both land and maritime cargo transportation, being the most common type for storing any kind of products that do not require special care.

Advantages of using Dry Van containers:

  1. They are completely sealed, making them fully watertight.
  2. They have a two-leaf door, and some also have two doors on the front sides of their structure.
  3. Their dimensions allow for easy stacking, facilitating handling with cranes or other machinery.
  4. They are made of corten steel, making them resistant to impacts and corrosion.
  5. Dry Van containers can store any type of merchandise that does not require refrigeration or thermal specifications.

Dry Van containers have a significant influence in the field of foreign trade, as they allow for the safe transportation of goods and also facilitate port management in terms of handling and cargo allocation.

To transport Dry Van containers with your product, it is necessary to have the support of Remar to ensure they reach their destination successfully.

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