Common Mistakes in Exporting

Exporting is a business that requires a long-term commitment since its most significant benefits begin to be reflected over time.

By having a good export strategy, your business’s international sales can increase considerably and take your company to the next level.

To achieve such success, it is advisable to have the advice of a customs agency that helps you optimize your processes and avoid mistakes (which, if you are a novice, can be many).

Know the 5 most common mistakes companies make when starting to export:

Exporting by chance, not by strategy.

Taking a step towards the internationalization of your company without having a well-planned strategy with clear objectives, opportunities, and threats is like walking blindly and will not take you anywhere.

Ignoring foreign culture.

No country is the same as another, and this is one of the aspects you must consider most when entering another market. Learn about the culture of the country you are exporting to, its customs, trends, economy, etc.

Choosing the wrong transportation.

Plane, ship, train? The perfect option for transporting your merchandise depends on various variables such as costs, the country, the type of merchandise and its care, etc.

Poor packaging.

The packaging of your merchandise ensures its quality and good condition from the moment it leaves your warehouse until it reaches the end-user. Failing to do so correctly can create a very bad impression on your customers.

Confusing expenses with investment.

To succeed in exporting, it is necessary to make an initial investment that includes sample shipments, participation in fairs and exhibitions, business trips, etc.

Seeing this as expenses instead of investments can deprive you of many opportunities.

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