What is Lead Time and How Does it Benefit My Trade Operations?

In logistics, lead time is an essential factor for measuring operational efficiency and the effectiveness of cargo transportation. The concept refers to the time elapsed from when a purchase order is generated until it is delivered to the final buyer.

As you can imagine, it is of great importance to optimize this period for the benefit of both parties in the operation. To achieve this, it is necessary to detect logistical errors and correct them in a timely manner.

What are the advantages of reducing lead time?

Improved Customer Service

As a company, it is very valuable to maintain a positive reputation with your consumers, and the most effective way to do so is by delivering their merchandise quickly and efficiently.When the delivery time exceeds customer expectations, your company implicitly gains a competitive advantage.

Offering Added Value

To truly stand out from the competition, it is important to analyze the lead time of companies in your same sector so that you can identify the processes and parameters that you can improve.If you succeed, you could position yourself as the company with the fastest times in the sector.

Inventory Reduction

Lead time not only helps reduce time but is also useful for reducing your inventory and avoiding overstocking merchandise. This way, your logistics chain will also benefit as you will only have what is necessary.

Continuous Improvement

Reducing lead time is a strategy without an expiration date, as it involves the continuous detection of errors in merchandise delivery.Therefore, it is important to establish regular reviews to ensure that the new measures implemented are truly effective.

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