Requirements to start exporting in Mexico

Starting to export your products to other countries is a clear sign that your business is growing. Unfortunately, this is a process that can become a real headache for those who lack experience in the field.

If this is your case, in this blog, we will provide you with very important information about the general requirements for starting to export in Mexico.

What documents do I need to export?

The Ministry of Economy highlights the following:

  • Tax Identification Number (RFC)
  • Sectoral Exporters Registry (only essential if you are exporting products such as alcohol, beer, tequila, fermented/distilled alcoholic beverages, cigars and tobacco, energy drinks, and/or iron ores and concentrates)
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Power of Attorney
  • Letter of Instructions to the customs agent
  • Packing list
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Transportation documents
  • Documents substantiating compliance with non-tariff regulations and restrictions.

Where can I process these documents?

Both the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit and the Tax Administration Service, as well as the Ministry of Economy, are entities that support exporters in processing these documents.

How do I know if my company can export?

Absolutely all companies in Mexico can export regardless of their sector or size, as long as they are legally constituted according to the tax and commercial laws of the country and meet the country’s export requirements.

Remember that while the requirements mentioned in this blog are general and apply equally in Mexico to any company, the information required may vary depending on the destination country.

Also, don’t forget to consider that the requirements may vary depending on the product you are exporting.

If you need support to export your products, do not hesitate to contact us. We are a customs agency in Mexico with over 25 years of experience in customs clearance, logistics, commercialization, consultancy, and management.

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