What is backhaul?

When cargo transportation is done by road, trucks often return to the point of origin without any cargo. The backhaul (return trip) is based on the idea that the trailer makes its delivery route and returns with new merchandise.

Like outbound trips, the backhaul also requires specific planning.

While it may seem like a straightforward process, it requires seriousness, responsibility, and attention to detail at every step.

Benefits and advantages of backhaul:

  1. Reduction of trips
  2. Improved time management
  3. Reduced operating costs
  4. Increased supply
  5. Avoids waste/shrinkage
  6. Strengthening of the supply chain
  7. Reduction of carbon footprint on the planet

The return route should be planned based on the truck’s cargo, without deviating from the main route. To achieve this, it is necessary to:

  1. Have a design and planning plan.
  2. Coordinate all actors involved in the process.
  3. Control the outbound and return route.

This business model is one of the major trends that is gaining followers within reverse logistics and collaborative logistics. It is important to seek advice from experts in merchandise logistics.

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