What is DrawBack?

International trade is a fundamental driver for a country’s economic development. Mexico, with its strategic position and active participation in the global market, has implemented various strategies to incentivize and support its exporters. One of these key tools is the DrawBack Program.

DrawBack is a program designed to facilitate export activity by allowing beneficiaries to recover the general import tax incurred from the acquisition of inputs, raw materials, parts and components, packaging, fuel, lubricants, and other materials that are incorporated into the exported product. Additionally, it covers the importation of goods that are returned in the same condition or those intended for repair or alteration.

How does DrawBack work in Mexico?

The DrawBack process involves several stages. Firstly, the exporter imports the necessary inputs for the production of goods intended for export. Subsequently, once these products have been exported, the exporter can request the refund of the general import tax paid in relation to those inputs.

It is essential to highlight that the tax refund not only benefits companies that export final products but also those that export intermediate goods or are part of a broader production chain.

Scope of DrawBack application

DrawBack applies to a variety of sectors and situations. From the importation of raw materials for manufacturing products to the incorporation of imported components into export goods, the program encompasses diverse economic activities. It also extends to situations where imported goods must be returned in their original state or when imported for repair or alteration.

Economic and competitive impact

This program not only alleviates the financial burden on exporters by allowing them to recover import taxes but also enhances their competitiveness in the international market. By providing incentives for production and export, the DrawBack contributes to the country’s economic growth and strengthens its position on the global stage.

Challenges and considerations

Although DrawBack is a valuable tool, its implementation entails administrative and logistical challenges. Exporters must follow specific processes and meet strict requirements to ensure the proper application of the program.

The DrawBack Program emerges as a key ally for Mexican companies participating in international trade.

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