What is the IMMEX program?

The main objective of the IMMEX program is to allow foreign companies, traders, or manufacturers to import raw materials into Mexico without paying the general import taxes, value-added taxes, or any compensatory fees.

It strengthens the competitiveness of the Mexican export sector.

It provides security, transparency, and continuity to business operations.

It offers new ways to operate internationally, reducing logistical and administrative costs.

It modernizes, streamlines, and reduces procedures in order to increase the capacity for oversight in an environment that promotes the attraction and retention of investments in the country.

The Ministry of Economy develops five different modalities of IMMEX:

  1. IMMEX Controladora de empresas Program, when manufacturing operations of a certified company, called the controller, and one or more controlled companies are integrated into the same program.
  2. IMMEX Industrial Program, when an industrial process of manufacturing or transforming goods destined for export is carried out.
  3. IMMEX Services Program, when services are provided to export goods or export services are provided, solely for the development of activities determined by the Ministry.
  4. IMMEX Albergue Program, when one or more foreign companies provide technology and productive material, without operating the program directly.
  5. IMMEX Terciarización Program, when a certified company that does not have facilities to carry out production processes, performs manufacturing operations through third parties registered in its Program.

To have the possibility of importing products duty-free for use in other manufacturing processes and subsequent commercialization, it is necessary to have the support of Remar to ensure they reach their destination successfully.

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