What Does Goods Verification in Transportation Entail?

Within a company’s foreign trade operations, transportation is one of the most delicate processes due to all the setbacks that may arise along the way.

To successfully pass this phase, several steps and procedures are necessary. One of them is goods verification, which we will discuss in this blog.

What is goods verification in transportation?

It is a procedure that occurs when goods enter national territory, and customs authorities exercise their authority to inspect the goods to ensure compliance with all legal and tax requirements for their proper stay in Mexico.

To facilitate this process, it is ideal to have all the necessary documents up to date to verify the authenticity and legality of your cargo. Otherwise, there will be problems during the inspection, and subsequently, your goods will be taken to a fiscal warehouse where a more extensive physical and documentary review will take place.

The legal basis for goods verification in transportation is specified in Article 144 of the Customs Law and Article 42 of the Federal Fiscal Code. Additionally, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, within the framework of such verifications, states:

“To exclusively verify, during their transportation, the legal importation or possession of foreign-origin goods throughout the national territory, including fiscal warehouses, for which it may be supported by systems, technological equipment, any other means or service available, including the customs opinion referred to in Article 43 of this Law.”

Documentation required for verification

  • Anticipate the seizure of your goods by carrying the required documents during a cargo inspection:
  • Commercial invoice
  • Waybill Packing list
  • Document accrediting compliance with foreign trade taxes
  • Origin marking and certificate of origin
  • Export or import licenses (as applicable)
  • Document accrediting ownership or rental of the vehicle
  • Driver’s license

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