Mexico’s Growth in IT Services Exports

Last year, Mexico closed its exports of information technology services with an approximate total of $43.427 billion pesos, with the United States being its main consumer.

These numbers made us the second power in Latin America in the export of technology services during 2022, second only to Brazil.

What is behind this great advancement?

Firstly, it’s due to the advantages that Mexico offers in terms of costs, young talent, macroeconomic stability, and of course, our proximity to the United States.

The main IT services exported by our country are:

33% Custom application development 25% Application management 14% System integration 8% Network services

According to experts in the field, it is expected that in 2023, the IT export market will continue to grow and moderately support the Mexican economy.

The two most important trends in the sector for this new year will be:

Migration and modernization of cloud applications. Multi-cloud management to support remote work.

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