Risks of Maritime Exportation

Maritime transportation is one of the primary means to export goods from one point to another. Among its main advantages are ease of storage and its economic accessibility.

However, it is not the perfect mode of transportation, so there are certain disadvantages to shipping your goods by sea.

Below, we list some of the risks of maritime exportation:

General Average

Also known as “avería gruesa,” it is an event that occurs when the ship’s captain decides to throw the cargo overboard in order to prevent partial or total damage to the cargo.

This risk only occurs when the vessel and its crew are faced with imminent danger that affects the entire maritime exportation.


One of the most obvious and common risks of maritime transportation is the sinking of the vessel.

This situation mainly occurs due to natural factors such as storms, lightning, or high tides, but it can also be caused by fires, ship defects, collisions, etc.


Although it seems unlikely that a vessel would encounter a large enough body in the middle of the open sea to cause damage, it is actually possible.

Whether with other vessels, docks, or elements of nature such as giant rocks, collisions are also a present risk in maritime exportation.


Although such events do not occur frequently, they are possible, especially when flammable or temperature-sensitive substances or materials are stored.

These types of accidents can involve not only the loss of cargo but also serious consequences for the health of the crew on board.

Despite the seriousness of the risks of maritime exportation, it is important to emphasize that they do not usually occur frequently, making ships considered one of the safest means of transporting goods.

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