The Importance of Industrial Parks

Industrial parks in Mexico play a prominent role in the development and strengthening of the export sector.

These zones are present in 20 states of the republic, where we can find plants, offices, and facilities aimed at strengthening commercial activities and positively impacting the economy and exports.

They allow for the production, storage, and distribution of a wide variety of products covered by different Free Trade Agreements.

Currently, Nuevo León hosts approximately 176 industrial parks.

The State of Mexico houses approximately 135 facilities, including industrial corridors and multiple logistics developments.

In Querétaro, most of the operation/distribution centers (CEDIS) are located.

Guanajuato is already catching the attention of companies due to its significant growth, in addition to having the Guanajuato Inland Port, one of the most important logistics complexes in Mexico and Latin America.

Baja California, Quintana Roo, Jalisco, and Tamaulipas have industrial parks with the widest geographic coverage.

Additionally, thousands of jobs are generated, making the country one of the most valuable and attractive business sectors worldwide.

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